Psoriasis may be a disease of the skin that causes thick, itchy patches of red skin and silvery scaling. The leading two layers of the skin are called the epidermis and dermis. New cells at rock bottom of the epidermis constantly move up and replace the older cells above them. Normally, it takes one month

cardiac arrest

In these uncertain times when the world is battling with the covid-19 pandemic, it is quite natural that our lifestyle and habits took a turn for the worse. Therefore our overall health practices are no longer a consistent part of our lifestyle. We no longer take part in physical movement and our eating habits are

ECT is the abbreviation for Electroconvulsive therapy. It refers to a laboratory procedure in which the patient is given small electric current shocks to cause variation in brain and brain products. Electrodes help in supplying the electric current to the scalp of the patient to induce seizures. ECT helps in treating people suffering from severe

About Covid Variants And Coping Measures 

“Scientists had warned that the variants- and in particular B.1.1.7- might lead to 4th wave in the US and that the already strained health care system might buckle” -medical researchers Spreading around the world since November 2019, coronavirus causes severe health and respiratory problems. However, the ever-changing and newly evolving strains of coronavirus make it