The newly developed covid vaccine helps in the prevention of disease and reducing the severity of infection. FDA-approved covid vaccines are safe, reliable, and authorized fighting mechanisms against coronavirus infection. A person needs immunization regardless of previous infection or strong immunological system. It is essential to forbid the spreading of common myths and rumors about

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All you need to know about Allergies

Your immune system fights harmful pathogens by attacking and killing them. Allergy is the immune system’s exaggerated response to certain environmental substances that are not harmful. Allergens are foreign substances such as pollen, pet dander, or drugs that can cause severe allergies.  Generally, you do not experience a reaction when your body encounters an allergen

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There are two top concerns for most of us that are weight loss and weight maintenance, but there are so many rumors and fads out there that it is hard to keep track of what works. All of us want to be fit and to stay healthy however, in our eat-and-run daily lives, staying healthy

BMI- Pros And Cons

BMI stands for Body Mass Index, which is the ratio of an individual’s weight (in kg) to the square of their height (in m). BMI categorizes weight and tracks potential weight gains and losses that may be directly related to health-related problems. The Body Mass Index ranges from near 18 to above 30, where less

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