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The Over 40 Lab Testing Cheat Sheet

The Over 40 Lab Testing Cheat Sheet

Regardless of your physical condition, you should consider visiting labs in order to screen medical issues or assess for future and potential problems. All of these screenings and assessing will encourage and help with a healthy standard of living. For the people over 40, in addition to the basic wellness, some important tests are needed to be done on a regular basis. Face it, we all want to live as long as possible and by being proactive and taking control of your health you can increase those odds. Here’s a few to get you started.


Lab testing for a blood pressure check should be done at least once a year. If the number crosses over 140 and 90 from the benchmark of 120 and 80 for systolic and diastolic number, you have to visit your doctor and solve the issues.


For any adult over age 40, Diabetes lab testing should be done every 2 years. Moreover, people with obesity and high blood pressure in addition to people with a family history should check out the Diabetes level every once a year.


40 is the ideal age to start lab testing for high cholesterol regularly. However, if you already have a high cholesterol level over and above other concerns like heart or kidneys, then you might need to get the cholesterol level more frequently.


In addition to the blood pressure and cholesterol level, you should check out your Body Mass Index (BMI), Depression, Alcohol and Tobacco Use, and finally, Diet and Exercise. Lab testing for BMI can be done to give you an overall assessment of where you stand.


Even though colon cancer is recommended to test after age 50, you can never be too careful. So, you can start with a blood test every year and start your colonoscopy from the 50 years period. We recommend you start lab testing for colon cancer earlier due to prevention being key in fighting most cancer.


At the outset, women need to perform a self-exam at least once in every month. It is recommended for women over age 50 to go for a mammogram once a year. However, women aged 40 – 49 may have a mammography every once in two years. Granted mammograms can be performed through lab testing and results can be sent to your primary care physician.


It is common to have pelvic exams for any active lady. Lab testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, are recommended if you are sexually active. Also, to aid in the prevention of certain cancers such as ovarian cancer.

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