There are many painful symptoms that can arise as a result may different conditions. This makes it difficult to determine the underlying cause of your health issues or seek the right treatment. If problems like fatigue, migraines, and irritability continue to plague you, a mineral deficiency could be the root cause.

What Are Minerals

Just like vitamins, minerals play many critical roles in the maintenance of your body’s functions and growth. Minerals are elements in their simplest form, like iron, magnesium, and selenium. All nutrients in the body, including vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and sugars cannot function properly without minerals. A dangerous combination of food processing and soil depletion has left much of today’s food sources lacking the minerals that the human body needs.

Are You Always Fighting Headaches and Fatigue?

Stressful, busy days can cause temporary headache and fatigue, but if you forget what it’s like to go through your day without being held back by exhaustion and migraines, then you are suffering from a mineral deficiency. Magnesium in particular is important for this because it dominates biochemical reactions in the body that are supposed to maintain normal heart rhythm, immune system, and muscle function.

Are Your Joints Stiff and Bones Fragile?

Many minerals like phosphorus, calcium, and potassium play key roles in your bones and joints. Without them, you will suffer the consequences of a creaky and painful body. Taking a mineral supplement regularly will allow your body to heal itself with the right functions once again.

Are You Irritable and Depressed?

Most people don’t realize that minerals control more than physical health. Selenium is an important mineral that is a key player in thyroid function. When your thyroid is thrown into dysfunction, it manifests itself in certain emotional ways like poor mood, depression, and inability to concentrate.

A blood test can quickly measure the nutrient levels in your body to determine if a mineral supplement could reverse your symptoms. To use a private testing kit that doesn’t require insurance or a script, call (813) 932-3741 to place your order with 24-7 Labs.