DNA, known as Deoxyribonucleic acid, is a thread-like structure containing a chain of nucleotides carrying genetic information. It helps in the growth, development, functioning, and even reproduction of humans. It contains all the genetic information and determines every single trait from the color of your eyes and hair to your various personality traits. DNA testing helps to identify the similarity and dissimilarities of relations.

Informational DNA testing

These tests are also known as peace-of-mind tests and are performed for informational or peace of mind purposes and hence they do not carry the strict requirements of legal DNA tests. For informational DNA testing, a kit is provided to you and the test can be performed in your home and sent back to the lab. The results of this test are not used in legal cases.

Advantages of informational DNA tests

  • You can get your lab results fast.
  • You can also collect your DNA in a comfort zone at your home with a simple cheek swab.
  • In addition, you can order the test kit at your home.

We provide the test for – $219.00 – $379.00

DNA legal testing

Legal DNA Testing

This test is helpful when the client wants results for any legal purposes. This test requires that all the procedures and the documentation will be in safeguard. Hence, the test is done only when the client has proper and approved documents for the legal test and the chain of custody must be maintained throughout the process. The test requires the presence of a witness (not a family member) during DNA collection.

Advantages of legal DNA Testing

  • The test helps in child support or custody cases.
  • Visitation rights.
  • Provides medical, military, or social security benefits.
  • Adding or removing a name from the birth certificate.
  • Very helpful in adoption cases.
  • Helps in determining the biological relationship with the person who has died.

We provide tests for – $319.00 – $659.00

Types of informational DNA and Legal DNA testing

  • Paternity- Test determines the likelihood of father and child. The majority of cases do not require a mother’s sample for paternity tests.
  • Maternity- This test helps to determine whether the mother of the child is biological or not.
  • Sibling- When it is not possible to determine the father or mother of a child, sibling test is helpful to compare the child with his/her sibling. In most cases, the DNA of two siblings is not the same. Hence, this test helps to find out the similarity between the siblings.
  • Grandparent-When it is not possible to test an alleged father, one of his parents can help him.
  • Twin Zygosity- This test helps to determine whether the twins are fraternal or identical.
  • Avuncular- It helps in determining the biological uncle or aunt of a child.

Legally acceptable proof of family relationships are obtained through immigration testing by

  • Paternity Test
  • Maternity Test
  • Grand Paternity or Grandparent Test
  • Siblingship DNA Test

Legal DNA and informational DNA


To conclude, DNA Testing helps in legal or informational purposes. Informational DNA tests help for peace of mind whereas legal DNA Testing helps legal works. Legal DNA testing requires verified documentation. Both the tests help in determining the relationship among an individual’s father, mother, sibling, uncle, aunt, or grandparents. If one needs a test for legal information they should have all the verified documents required. Many people do these tests for unfair means also. Most people find it interesting while others do not show any interest. Our lab is providing both the DNA tests for your facility.