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A 24-7Labs, we understand the importance of knowing one’s history and protecting your future. That’s why we are happy to offer various DNA tests with fast, thorough, and comprehensive results. DNA and genetic testing has a variety of useful benefits, ranging from gene research and diagnosing genetic diseases to evaluating risks, figuring out paternal/maternal matters, and clearing up any confusion regarding familial relationships.

Together, with our trusted DNA testing laboratory partner, we offer a quick and painless experience with thorough, high-quality results.

How Does 24-7Labs DNA Testing Work?

When you choose 24-7Labs for your DNA testing, you can feel confident because we handle each test every step of the way. Once the test is complete, we remain your single point of contact for results and any further questions/concerns you may have. And the process itself is much easier than you might have imagined.

All we need is proof of your identity along with the proper paperwork and a sample of your DNA to get the test rolling. We do this by using a convenient oral swab to collect saliva from the inside of your cheek or sometimes a blood draw is required. From there, our trusted lab will run meticulous testing for quick, accurate, and detailed results within 3-5 days. It’s as simple as that.

24-7Labs Immigration DNA Testing Provides Legal Proof of Your Family Relationship Through Various DNA Tests, Including:

Legal DNA Testing


Informational DNA Testing


Test results within

3-5 days

24-7Labs Tests Offers The Following DNA Tests:

Paternity Testing

Paternity testing determines whether a man is the biological father of the child in question. DNA paternity tests are incredibly accurate, with results that are 99.9% accurate regarding whether a man is a child’s biological father. Paternity tests employ a simple cheek swab.

Maternity Testing

Maternity testing, much like paternity testing, is used to determine whether a woman is a child’s biological mother. By comparing the suspected mother’s DNA profile to that of the child, we can determine the possibility of maternity in five days or fewer.

Siblingship Testing

Sibilingship testing is beneficial where a DNA sample cannot be obtained from the mother or father. This test requires both suspected siblings to either prove or disprove a biological relationship. Since there are multiple types of siblings, there are multiple tests, including full vs half and half vs unrelated.

Grandparentage DNA Testing

A grandparentage DNA test is used to confirm a biological family relationship between a potential grandparent and grandchild. Alternatively, it can determine paternity when the child’s alleged father is unavailable.


With an avuncular DNA test, we can determine if a sibling (or full blood brother or sister) of the father in question has a biological relationship to a child–therefore proving paternity.

Twin Zygosity

Using a twin zygosity test, we’ll compare DNA profiles of a set of twin, analyzing several markers to determine whether they match. When the markers are the same–it is highly probable that they are identical.


A Y chromosome test or Y-DNA test is a genealogical DNA test used to explore a man’s patrilineal of father’s-line ancestry. This is possible as the Y chromosome passes virtually unchanged from father to son.


For those who cannot produce other credible evidence of a biological relationship, an immigration DNA test is used in unison with an immigrant visa. This often involves paternity, maternity, full-siblingship, and half-siblingship.

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