Getting yourself tested for STDs isn’t something you want to broadcast to the world. In fact, many people neglect STD testing, even when it’s critical to their health, because they are unwilling to face the embarrassment and cost of testing.

However, STD testing is an important component of ongoing health and wellness, especially considering about 20 million people in America contract an STD each year. Most STDs can be easily cured with antibiotics, and the others can be managed with medications. The only harm come from ignoring STD symptoms and declining testing because untreated STDs can become life threatening.

You know that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you to get tested for STDs is right, so here is how you can do it conveniently, privately, and quickly.

Delivery STD Testing
New delivery STD testing systems like the ones offered by 247Labox provides the easiest way to test for STDs without scheduling appointments, long waits, confidentiality concerns, or embarrassing moments. Instead, you can receive a discreetly packaged test in the mail, send back your sample, and receive your results through a HIPAA compliant email service.

Enjoy Total Privacy
Thanks to this home delivery system, nobody else has to know the results of your test or even be aware that you took the STD test to begin with! Your home kit also simplifies the testing process since you only need to provide your urine sample and send it back to 247LaBox. This quick and easy testing process makes it possible for more people to care for their own health and pursue treatment for common conditions.

Get Yours Today
If you have even the slightest suspicion that you might have contracted an STD, don’t hesitate to get tested. The sooner you act, the sooner you can be cured and enjoy your life to its fullest. A 247LaBox At-Home STD Testing kit will give you the knowledge necessary to improve your physical and mental health.