Spring Season is here. We are optimistic that everyone is enjoying the cool breeze and has already packed away their winter garments. The queen of seasons ‘Spring’ is setting in as winters are on the horizon. The sparkling spring begins within the middle of Feb and lasts till April. Throughout this season, trees place forth new leaves and therefore the weather throughout this season becomes pleasant. You are most likely gearing up to fondle in all the seasonal fruits, veggies, and dishes made from them.  It is neither hot nor cold. The temperature remains at intermediate levels.

Nevertheless, as they affirm, all that glitters is not gold. Thus, Spring, despite being one of the most fantastically appealing weather, brings ailments with it. Like each seasonal change, it possesses a variety of health risks. 

  1. Sunburn and heat strokes

As there are too many beaches in Florida, people will love to spend their holiday on the beach. Sunburn, sun poisoning, and suntan are likely the most of the major concerns during this hour, troubling the majority of people. These also are the easily preventable ones. Sun cream lotions are a safeguard alternative. Thus by making the habit of applying sun cream on every occasion while you venture out proves to be a good option. The recommended Sun Protection issue or SPF in any such product is a minimum of fifteen.

 Heat strokes and dehydration are also real threats and might be simply staved off. Create a habit to hold a bottle of water with you whenever you are outdoors. Drink loads of water frequently and add amounts of fruit juices to your diet. Eating fruits with a high water content like grapes and melons will facilitate minimizing the danger of dehydration.

  1. Allergies

Allergies are a really common affair throughout the spring season because the plants and trees are blossoming. Spring is the season where allergens go freely in the air. The largest triggers are spores, throughout the blooming amount, pollen grains from flowers travel with the wind and get stuck in people’s eyes and lungs through the nose. Everything from a rash to a sneeze series will indicate that you simply have an allergy. Swelling and mucous production is one in all the common things. It causes tearing and redness within the eyes. In some cases, it can be fatal too, if not taken proper care of.

  1. Common cold

Everyone might assume that the common cold is simply common throughout winters. However, spring is additionally a peak time for rhinovirus infection, which causes common colds. The rhinovirus common cold is one of the foremost transmissible diseases. However, one easily deals with it by taking some easy steps like washing hands, staying in a very clean and healthy atmosphere.

  1. Congestion and ulcers

With the uncertain temperature throughout the spring season, you may feel either too hot or too chilly. These fluctuations of body temperature might cause metabolism problems. Stuffy nose, chest congestion, cough, and ulcers will simply haunt you. Throughout the season, the metabolism of the body is on the next level hence it produces additional acid and digestive fluid within the abdomen. This results in the formation of ulcers. Hence, readily absorbable foods are the way to go for and too spicy, and fried food needs to have a break.

  1. Injuries and heat issues with spring

Spring could be a happy season, wherever everyone including children to senior citizens would love to go out and play. Games like lawn tennis, Soccer, Golf, Badminton, and baseball are common. The pleasant weather attracts souls to have fun. With such fun, people ought to prepare themselves for injuries before heading on the grounds.

The appearance of spring signifies rising temperatures. However, if you are one among those that are already feeling too hot and have switched on your cooling system already. It is common to have urged for cooling during this scorching heat period. But, the distinction in temperatures close to your AC and outdoors is inevitably aiming to result in a headache. It is advisable to get acclimated to spring first naturally, then worry about the summer heat.


Spring is a pleasant season. The little cold breeze will lead to being in love with the weather. But on the other hand, the looming heat with rising temperature changes your belief. During this time everyone comes out of their home be it for sunbathing, playing, or visiting new places. With the rising temperature, one needs to take extra preventive measures to be healthy.