Talking to Your Partner About STD Testing: Tips for a Safe, Open Conversation

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Having a safe, healthy sex life means more than getting tested. It also means discussing STDs and STD testing with your partner(s). Naturally, this can be a difficult topic, and not one that everyone is comfortable talking about. Of course, this can cause a number of issues, including the compromise of relationships and the unknowing spread of STDs.

As woman’s day explains, there are at least seven STDs that don’t present symptoms–therefore, infections aren’t always obvious. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to open up a dialogue about STD testing with your partner in a way that is comfortable and beneficial.

Having the Testing Talk

Whether you and your partner(s) are serious or not, your collective sexual health is something that SHOULD be taken seriously. So, whether your relationship just began or you’ve simply never discussed it, we highly recommend sitting down learning about one another’s STD and testing history. That way, you have the perfect baseline for carrying out a happy, healthy sexual relationship. Make sure all partners are involved in the conversation or your efforts could be for nought.

With the following tips, you can approach this subject in confidence and take control of your sexual health.

Take the Lead

Since you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’re the first person to contemplate having the STD talk. If that’s the case, you might consider taking the lead on the one. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly confident, 24-7Labs has plenty of useful resources to help you learn. And in the end, you’ll also feel more comfortable.

Talk BEFORE Having Sex if Possible

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If you and your partner(s) have not yet been intimitate, now is the perfect time to have this discussion–before going any further. This is the ideal situation as you should ALWAYS discuss STD testing before becoming intimate with a new partner.

Let Them in on Your Discomfort

Unlike other areas of the world, American are considerably conservative when it comes to sex. In turn, talking about STDs doesn’t always come easy, despite the importance of regular testing. When trying to bring up STD testing, let your partner(s) know the topic isn’t any fun for you either. From there, you can kick stigma to the curb.

Bring Up Your History

Planned Parenthood suggests bringing up your testing history to ease your partner(s) into the situation. You might say something like, “I got tested for STDs after my previous relationship ended and I found out I didn’t have anything. Have you ever gotten tested?” Or, if you don’t have testing history, you could share that and ask whether they have out of curiosity. Ultimately, it’ a good conversation starter.

REMEMBER, You’re Doing This Together!

When all else fails, remember–you’re in this together. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re simply having fun, you and your partner(s) undoubtedly have respect and care for one another. STD testing is just another way to express such feelings and when you’re doing it together it can be meaningful.

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24-7Labs Makes STD Testing Easy and Shame-Free

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With several locations around the Tampa-area, we’re the perfect choice once you do have this conversation with your partner(s). To set up your appointment, visit us here to see what works best for you. In the meantime, check out 24-7Labs blog section for more invaluable health and wellness tips and tricks.