Did you know that STDs can affect anybody who is sexually active? Whether you have had one sexual partner or dozens of sexual partners in your life, you are still at risk for diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes. Despite their prevalence- more than 20 million people will be diagnosed with STDs this year alone!- far too many people put off or avoid STD testing for months or years.

Procrastinating on an essential health screening like an STD test jeopardizes your health. STDs are quite manageable when caught early, and some can even be cured with just one round of antibiotics. However, when STDs go undiagnosed or untreated, they often lead to dangerous health complications and lose their ability to be cured easily.

There is no sense in putting your wellbeing at risk simply for the sake of avoiding a test. That’s exactly why 247LaBox developed an at-home STD testing kit.

Test and Receive Results with Total Privacy

The leading factor that causes people to avoid STD testing is the potential for embarrassment. A home testing kit solves this problem by delivering your STD testing kit directly to you door. To everybody else it will look like any other online shopping delivery, so you can take comfort in the discreet shipping process.

You can also receive your results with complete confidentiality. Two to three days after your testing kit is received at the lab, your results will be emailed to you to review. Your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone, so you are the only person who will be aware of your results or the fact that you took your test at all!

Simple Kit Procedure

Using your STD testing kit is very simple, and everything that you need is provided. Simply urinate into the urine cup, transport your urine to a sample tube using a pipette, and return the sample. That’s it! 247LaBox takes pride in this easy yet safe and reliable method of ST testing.

If you’re ready to get the information you need to care for yourself, protect others in the future, and safeguard your quality of life, call (855) 895-4716 now to place your order. You’ll get fast shipping and fast results with the privacy you need