The prevention of pregnancy stands as a crucial part of modern practice. Also, it is of major public health interest. Method for controlling fertility is necessary and desired. It is known as barrier method. Traditionally, the method of birth control centered almost exclusively on the deterrence of unwanted conception. Now, the goal of recent birth control has shifted towards delivering more complete health to women. Primarily reproductive health, providing women with effective contraceptives. Considerably of on-contraceptive benefits and lifestyle advantages of various methods. There stands very little information to authorize a comparison about how effective the barriers would be. Therefore, the research on this matter continues. 

Barrier contraceptives stand as devices that physically prevent the dissemination of sperm within the vagina. Similarly, it obstructs the access of spermatozoa to the upper genital tract. Again, there are numerous that lists the chemical as well as physical barrier methods of contraception. Also, these can be used independently or in combination. 

Some physical barrier methods are: 

  • Male condom
  • Female condom
  • Diaphragm
  • Cervical cap
  • Contraceptive vaginal sponge

Some chemical methods are: 

  • Spermicidal gels
  • Jellies
  • Creams
  • Vaginal foams
  • Films
  • Suppositories
  • Tablets

We can barely mark concrete differences in the effectiveness of these barrier methods. We can even find some similarities. Also, these methods are associated with the sexual behavior of the user. As each sexual manner provides a particular situation. Then, the partner decides whether to use the method or not. Both partners should decide before encountering sexual intercourse. Therefore, the barrier method expects a necessity for motivation as well as cooperation from the partner. 

You can rely on the fact that barrier methods are safe. 


  • Unlike IUD, you can utilize them as per your necessity. 
  • You can purchase most barriers without a prescription.
  • Also, the barriers that need a prescription can be utilized multiple times. 
  • Sometimes spermicides and condoms exist unrestricted as well as available at the clinic very easily. 
  • Also, these non-hormonal barriers can be used by everyone. 
  • Again, you need not have to worry about breastfeeding while accepting them.
  • Moreover, there appears no impact on your other health problems. For instance, blood pressure.
  • These are extremely reasonable than hormonal birth control methods. 
  • Furthermore, condoms offer bed protection against STDs during P-in-V intercourse, anal sex as well as oral sex. 
  • Diaphragms perform 80-90% beneficial while preventing pregnancy. Also, when you use a spermicide along with the diaphragm, the effective percentage increases. As it kills sperm on contact. 


  • The first and foremost is to remember to use them before sexual intercourse. 
  • There remains a lot of complaints about condoms that interfere with the sensation.
  • Again, various people are allergic to spermicides. As a result, condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps regimes.
  • Although they assure effectiveness yet they still lack efficiency from the non-barrier method. 

With the correct and consistent use of barrier methods effectiveness in STDs as well as HIV stands enhanced. Also, recently these methods are overlooked. Even not prescribed. Hence, people frequently fail to use them and change to alternate methods. Sometimes they abandon using them with no contraception that leads to more disappointments. On the contrary, some of the barrier methods are more acceptable by the users as they provide more privacy. Particularly the women who do not want to reveal their sexual activity.

It is also helpful for women who do not want to consult a doctor. Overall, the preferences of the users are critical considerations recommending a contraceptive method. Because obtaining the correct use of these barrier methods can keep you safe from STD transmission. Again, the barrier methods assure you with the prevention of infertility. Sometimes we counter the occurrence of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) that is rare. It is however associated with the diaphragm and sponge as researched. 

The bottom line

Use them! If you are planning for sexual intercourse, use them to prevent the above-mentioned issues. As you can see, all the methods are most effective. Not only effective but also affordable birth control measures. Barrier methods have come a long way from the past 50 years and science made them informative as well as easy to utilize. The most common scenery in sexual intercourse is that the male is responsible for organizing condoms. While the women are responsible for not getting pregnant out of it. However, they should stimulate both to protect themselves against STDs. Contraception methods are available for both sexes. 

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