A Quick Introduction to Blood Testing

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What do you know about your blood? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is, “not too much”. But your blood holds all of the important information needed to evaluate your health and identify potential risk factors of future disease.

It’s simple to reveal all of this essential information. All you need to do is undergo a blood test.

A Complete Blood Count

Also known as a CBC, a complete blood count test can detect blood diseases and disorders like anemia, cancers of the blood, and immune system disorders. It tests red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, and more. Red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to your body, white blood cells help your immune system fight disease, and platelets help blood clot, so they are all critical elements of the body to evaluate.

A Basic Metabolic Panel

A basic metabolic panel (BMP), meanwhile, tests the different chemicals in your blood to help your doctor learn about the muscles, bones, and organs in your body. Since it’s a panel, a BMP measures many different things, including blood glucose, calcium, and electrolytes. Their levels might indicate diabetes, thyroid disease, liver disease, dehydration, cancer, or other problems.

Blood Enzyme Test

Blood enzymes are chemicals that control chemical reactions in your body. Your doctor might order a blood enzyme test based on the symptoms you show. If your heart is showing signs of distress, for example, he may order a blood enzyme test that checks for heart attack risks by measuring blood levels of the muscle protein troponin.

Lipoprotein Panel

Finally, a lipoprotein panel determines your risk of coronary heart disease by measuring your total cholesterol and the triglycerides in your blood. If you need to make dietary changes or start taking medicine to keep your cholesterol under control, this will be the test to determine it.

Get Your Blood Test Today

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