Long life

We can call a long life a healthy life. A healthy life is considered as maintaining the body fit not only physically but mentally too. A person can acquire his/her long life by following a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle helps to keep and improve people’s health and wellbeing such as good nutrition, eating right, getting physically fit, beneficial exercise, adequate rest proper stress management.

Short Life

Short life can be termed as an unhealthy life. An unhealthy lifestyle is defined as where a person gets addicted to some activities which are harmful to the health of a person such as smoking, drinking, intake of drugs, not exercising regularly, eating junk food a lot, and not maintaining a healthy weight.


Components of a healthy lifestyle

  • Good Diet
  • Physical Exercise
  • Good sleeping pattern
  • Personal hygiene
  • No bad habits or addiction
  • Health education
  • Safe environment
  • Physical Fitness
  • Love through social support and healthy relationships
  • Emotions
  • Active social life

Impacts of lifestyle on health

Lifestyle is the characteristics of the habits a person is following. It also includes day-to-day behaviors and functions of an individual in job, activities, diet plans, exercise. Today life has been changed from the previous one. People do not have time to manage their diet and work. They also give their priority to their work in which they forget about their health. People in old age think about their healthy lifestyle hence they are strong physically and mentally also. We all should aim for long and healthy life. Variable of lifestyle that influences on health can be

Diet and Body mass index (BMI)

Diet is a vulnerable factor in one’s lifestyle and has a direct and positive relationship with the health of an individual. In addition, poor health and its effects like obesity is the most common problem of urban society. Today’s lifestyle leads to nutrition problems like using fat foods, junk foods, and poor foods which increases the rate of heart disease.

Body mass Index

Exercise / Yoga

Exercise is the best solution for all problems related to health. If an individual includes yoga and exercise in his/her daily routine, he/she should fit physically and mentally also. Furthermore, continuous exercise along with the proper diet increases health.


It plays a major role in the healthy lifestyle of a person. Also, sleep disorders have a great impact on social, psychological, economical, and healthy lifestyles. So, a healthy person needs a sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours.

Sexual behavior

Normal sex relation is necessary to maintain a healthy life. Dysfunction of sex relations is the most common problem of today’s society and it affects the mental and physical health of an individual. Also, dysfunction in sex relations can cause family problems and STDs.

Application of modern technologies 

Advance technologies facilitate the life of human beings. Misuse of technologies may lead to undesirable consequences. For example, the use of mobile phones and laptops till midnight can affect the sleep routine and it may disturb sleep. Addiction to using mobile phones take a person towards depression.


The study is the exercise of the soul. Involving studies in your normal lifestyle may lead to more physical and mental health.

Medication abuse

Using medicines above the limit is considered an unhealthy lifestyle. Self-treatment, sharing medications, using medicines without a doctor’s prescription, prescribing too many drugs, unnecessary drugs are some of the unhealthy behaviors in using medications.

A better life


To conclude, maintaining healthy lifestyle behavior is complex and constantly under a challenge from external stressors. To prevent and manage lifestyle disorders adaptation of principles is an ideal option. Feeling pride in your accomplishment and taking care of your body can improve both your physical and mental health. There are a lot of things you can change in your life to improve your quality of life. 60% of factors that are related to one’s health and quality are correlated to lifestyle as per WHO. Millions of people are following unhealthy diets and encounter illness, disability, and even death also. In addition, if one is feeling unwell she/she should consult a doctor immediately. She/he should take medical checkups regularly at an interval of time. So, we can prevent ourselves by involving healthy habits like yoga and exercises in our daily routine.