A lot of people have heard the term PCOD but do not know what it exactly is. Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) are hormone disorders that occur in women. The most common age of having PCOD is the reproductive age. The common symptoms of these diseases are irregular periods, weight gain, and hair loss. There is surprisingly an increase in the number of women suffering from PCOD in the last decade. When there are health conditions, having misconceptions about them is common.

Today we are sharing some things that you never knew about PCOD.

Difference between PCOD and PCOS

The most common perception about these conditions is that both are the same. But that is not true. PCOD and PCOS are two different things. Both are similar but not the same. As we know, women have two ovaries that release an egg alternately every month. The ovaries also produce the male hormones- androgens in minute quantities. Both in PCOD and PCOS, ovaries release high amounts of androgen. But the development of cyst in PCOD takes place due to the release of a lot of immature or partially mature eggs. Eventually, these eggs turn into cysts. The ovaries usually become enlarged due to cysts. Abdominal weight gain, irregular periods, male pattern hair loss, and infertility are some of the common symptoms.

The best treatment for PCOD often reduces the severity of such symptoms. Whereas in PCOS the high amounts of androgen interfere with the development and release of the eggs. Some of the eggs develop into cysts. These cysts build up in the ovaries and even get enlarged many times, instead of being released during ovulation.

Where PCOD is the condition of hormonal imbalance. PCOS is a disorder of the endocrine system. It is a belief that hormonal imbalances and genetics play an essential role in both conditions. Theoretically, high levels of male hormones prevent ovaries from producing hormones and producing eggs normally. Also, Insulin resistance and inflammation have been linked to excess androgen production.

These are Rare Conditions

Though perceived to be a rare condition, you will be surprised to know the number of cases of PCOD. About 5% -10% of U.S. women aged between 12-45 years of age have either PCOD. Hence, not so rare of the conditions. As per the PCOS Foundation, less than half of all women with PCOS are diagnosed correctly. This means that millions of women are unaware of their condition.

Only Overweight women have PCOD

Another mistake that people make. PCOD has nothing to do with the weight of the person. They are hormonal disorders. You can have either of these diseases whether you are underweight, have an ideal weight, or overweight. Due to this mistake, people often ignore the symptoms that they have. It could easily be PCOD. Do not think that you have a lean body so you cannot have this condition. If you feel you have some symptoms visit a gynecologist immediately.

Do irregular periods mean PCOD?

You can have irregular periods due to many reasons. You do not need to have either PCOD. There are various reasons for irregular periods. It could be an unbalanced diet or hormonal change. If your diet is not balanced, then your periods will be irregular. Also, women who face problems of uterus fibroid or pelvic inflammatory conditions can experience some irregularities in their period. Therefore, stressing and thinking about having certain things is not fair for yourself. If you want to know why your periods are irregular, have a diagnosis. Do not assume things that will cause you stress and anxiety.

Women suffering from either cannot conceive

Another thing that people assume. But that is not true. Unknown to many, women with either PCOD can conceive. But they will have slight difficulty when trying to conceive. It is because of ovulation, hormonal or egg quality issues. The doctors emphasize eating a balanced diet, exercising, sleeping on time, managing stress levels, and drinking enough water. If you take care of these five things when trying to conceive, you will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Losing weight might help to get rid of PCOD

Losing weight seems the solution of PCOD to most people. But what they do not know is losing weight is not the only solution. It will not help you to get rid of either of these diseases. There are several reasons for a person to have PCOD. Therefore, along with losing weight, you have to do a lot more. Also, as mentioned above, these are hormonal diseases. And weight is not the only factor. These are also known as lifestyle diseases. So along with losing weight, you have to make significant lifestyle changes for better results.



Now you are familiar with lots of things about PCOD. These are important to be checked with your doctor. There are a lot of presumed solutions of PCOD but it is not mandatory that they work. These can cause a lot of discomfort to you and your loved ones. Therefore, support your mothers, sisters, wives, friends who go through this. Support them. Make them happy and they will pass this phase of their lives without any difficulties.