PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common hormonal disorder from which almost 1 out of 10 women tend to suffer. In research, it has been stated that more than 10 lakh cases per year come to light. PCOS can last for several years. This condition is common among females and it is manageable by proper treatment.

There is no known cure for PCOS but women suffering from this are often suggested to avoid some products. One such debatable product includes dairy products. We will see what is the role of dairy in PCOS and how badly it can affect health. 


Is Dairy Bad For PCOS?

Consuming dairy products boosts all the PCOS syndromes. It can trigger a woman’s body by making external changes in hormones, acne, and insulin resistance. Below mentioned points will help us in knowing why dairy is bad for women with PCOS. 


Dairy products affecting hormones

It has been claimed that milk contains hormones like estrogen and Bovine growth hormone(BGH) and antibiotics which are harmful to the human body. These hormones can affect the ovary, breasts, and uterus and can be responsible for causing cancer. 

To treat the bacterial infections in milk, farmers treat it with antibiotics. Hence, the IGF(a growth hormone) and BGH are present in the milk which stimulates the growth of cancer cells.


Dairy products affecting your acne

One of the symptoms of PCOS is hormonal acne.  Androgen is present in the milk which can affect the hormonal level. 

Dairy products trigger acne too and can cause skin breakout. Cows are injected with antibiotics and hormones which increases IGF in the milk. This leads to the secretion of oil which is the primary reason for causing an acne breakout.



Milk contains a slow-digesting protein, casein which is responsible for making 80% of the protein present in milk. There are two types of casein and they are A1 and A2. Casein A1 is responsible for increasing inflammation in the digestive system. Inflammation can make the condition worse for women with PCOS. They can be diagnosed with some diseases like diabetes, leaky guts, and even cancer due to inflammation. 


Impact on Fertility

The high intake of low-fat dairy products can increase the chances of anovulatory infertility. Because of this, ovulation does not take place as ovaries do not release the egg. The lack of ovulation is the reason behind infertility. However, intake of high-fat dairy products may lower the chances of infertility.


Should PCOS Women Avoid Dairy?

Totally avoiding dairy products does not seem to be a great idea. Dairy products are a good source of calcium which causes the strengthening of bones. It also contains vitamin D and vitamin A which can reduce inflammation, and vitamin K which can help in improving insulin resistance.

There is no study or research that strongly suggests avoiding dairy products. There is contradictory information available on the internet which does not give a clear idea. Hence, there is no straightforward answer to this question.


When it comes to dairy products, it is pretty hard to resist them. Cutting out dairy products completely is not the solution. It is better to do research on PCOS, dairy, and its effect on health and then jump to the conclusion. 

If you do not want to rely much on dairy products, then have a balanced diet. Include leafy green vegetables, nuts, grams, and beans so that you can get proper nutrients.