Top Tips for Safe Dating

We are all hoping to find our soul mate – that one perfect person that comes into our lives, changing them forever. Because the right person will not only change the way we view ourselves, but also our perspectives on various important life situations. Today, the dating scene looks much different than it did even 20 years ago, with more and more people meeting online. In fact, a recent study from Stanford University suggests that online dating is the number one way couples meet these days.

Safe dating entails having the highest regard for your personal safety. Sometimes this means listening to your gut and learning to spot ‘red flags’. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about safe dating.

Tips for Practicing Safe Dating

From casual meet-ups to more serious first dates, here are the do’s and don’ts for a safe dating experience every time.

The Do’s

Do Your Research Before Meeting

We are living in the digital ago, so, why not take advantage of it? By using something as simple as Google, you can quickly gain information about a person so you feel more comfortable meeting in person. In the end, the more you know about the person, the better.

Keep Your Phone Charged

When going on a first date, you never know what’s going to happen. In an effort to be prepared, make sure your phone or other device is charged in case you need to call for help.

Let Friends Know Where You Are

Always let someone know where you’re going, who you’re with, and when you expect to return home.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes when looking forward to a new experience we forget about some of the most basic rules, according to RAINN. If you’re even considering trying a dating app, common sense is an absolute must. And no matter how much you like someone at first, don’t ignore red flags and always trust your gut.

Be Confident in Saying No

When meeting someone new, remember it’s only the beginning. There is no need to feel obligated as you don’t owe that person anything. Before meeting up, consider practicing ‘leaving early’ excuses just in case.

Practice Safe Sex

Safe sex is always a must. So, before becoming intimate, make sure to ask about the other person’s sexual history. Discuss one another’s preferred safety measures and decide on a contraceptive with which you’re both comfortable. Finally, talk about STD testing rather than worry about the stigma.

The Don’ts

Know Where to Stop

While a first date is all about getting to know one another, you ultimately want to avoid oversharing. It’s one thing to tell them about your childhood and past life experiences–it’s quite another to tell them where you live, where you work, and what your financial situation is like.

Be Wise About Your First Meeting

For your first date, avoid being picked up from your home. Instead, opt to meet at the location of the date or utilize a rideshare option. Courant explains that you should avoid dates at home as well until at least after the second date.

Don’t Grant Them Access to Your Information

Should you get unfortunate and end up on a date with the wrong person, something as simple as allowing them access to your device can put your personal information at risk. As a general rule, try not to allow them to use your phone unless it’s an emergency.

Reconsider Going to One Another’s Homes The First Night

As two consenting adults, should you choose to be intimate on night one, that’s no one’s business but yours and your partners. However, should you make this decision, pick a spot other than at one of your homes. Sometimes, choosing to get to know each other a bit ahead of time is the more ideal option.

Let 24-7Labs Help You Practice Safe Dating

We meet new people every day, making new friendships and connections along the way while putting our best out there. However, while we are at it, we are so focused on making the most out of every connection that we sometimes forget that personal safety should be our foremost priority. This is especially true when it comes to a romantic relationship where an extra layer of sexual safety gets added. For ensuring yours and your partner’s sound sexual health, visit the 24-7Labs website and explore a bounty of helpful information and testing resources at our Tampa-based lab.

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