We are all looking to meet that one perfect person that will change our lives completely, change the way we see ourselves, the way we look at situations, our perspectives, and almost every important aspect of our lives. The peculiarity lies in the possibility of that person being either the love of our lives or our worst nightmare. It all depends on how well we respond to red flags and listen to our gut feelings. We want you to find your soulmate without having to incur any damages and live happily ever after with “the one”. For that to be possible, you should have the highest regard for your personal safety, yes even higher than pleasure. And we will help you with a guide to safe date! Read on!

Don’ts First!

We are very sorry to keep the good things on hold and put the restrictions first, but really, don’ts come first. Because safety comes before pleasure, we are listing some important things it would be best for you to keep in mind for a healthy dating experience. 

Know where to stop

The way to connect is to know each others’ likes and dislikes, but in all cases, avoid oversharing. They definitely do not need to know where you were born, where you work, and obviously not where you live. Save your phone number for later too. Financial information like bank details should be off-limits until you establish trust. 

Meeting for the first time? Be wise

Planning to go offline after chatting for a while? Never agree to be picked up from your place for the first date. After online dating sites gained popularity, reports of physical, emotional, and mental abuse went up. We certainly do not want any of that to happen. 

Do not let them use your belongings

You must keep an eye on all of your belongings when you meet up. Do not let them use your phone unless it is a genuine emergency. You never know how tech-savvy your partner is and what hell can break loose if they get hold of information from your devices.

No “your place or mine” after the first date, please

It is a given, but still necessary to be said. Do not get in their personal vehicles and definitely not inside their house. Do not bring them home either. Is it not a bit too early for that? Get to know each other better before you take your relationship to the next level.

Time for Do’s, finally!

Okay, enough with the restrictions let us get you to the good part real quick. Excited? Us too!

  1. Search them up before you meet

This is the digital age we are living in. It sounds better to know them more than they have told you about themselves before meeting in person.

  1. Keep your device charged

You never know what is coming, better be prepared. Mobile phones are the quickest way to send for help.

  1. Share your whereabouts

Always let someone you trust know where you will be with, who you will be with and what time to expect you back.

  1. Listen to your gut

You know this already, but sometimes we are so looking forward to something interesting in life, that we forget the most basic of rules. Common sense is what you should use before dating apps. It is never wise to ignore red flags. Trust your gut feelings rather than be sorry later.

  1. Learn to say “No”

It is just the start. You do not need to be concerned about hurting their feelings if you are uncomfortable. Practice some ‘leaving early’ excuses before you go to meet them. 

  1. Sexual Safety

Here comes the most important safety precaution. You must know well about their sexual history before going intimate. Communication is the key here. Talk about all the details and what safety measures you both would prefer to use. Use contraception you find comfortable. Testing is just as important too. The stigma around sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) will need time to be lifted, but you need to avoid unwanted pregnancies and infections while enjoying yourself. 

We meet new people every day, make new friendships and connections while putting our best out there. However, while we are at it, we are so focused on making the most out of every connection; we forget that personal safety should be our foremost priority. Especially when it comes to a romantic relationship, an extra layer of sexual safety gets added. For ensuring your sound sexual health and your partner’s, visit the 24/7 Labs website, loaded with helpful information and for availing testing kits as well. Dating is vulnerable, handle with care! 

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